the historic Ithaca

Ithaca is known all over the world by Homer as the birthplace of King Odysseus and the island is a universal symbol as love for the homeland. The serene shores with the turquoise waters surround them, as well as its wild green nature, make Ithaca a destination that regenerates the body and the spirit of the visitor. Ithaca is an island of the Ionian complex, south of Lefkada and east of Kefalonia. 

Worth visiting:

In Vathy, the Island’s capital, the visitor can wander in the center (hora) which has been designated as a traditional settlement and also pay a visit to the Folklore and the Archaeological museum. .

  • Perahori, which is the only village in the southern part of Ithaca, offers a breathtaking view of the bay of Vathy.
  • The Orthodox church Panagia Katharon, dedicated to the Holly Mother, patron saint of the island, is a pilgrimage for Ithacans all over the world and a landmark steeped in history, with a panoramic view of the island.
  • Stavros, the island’s biggest village in north Ithaca is near the Archaeological area Pilicata, where according to the accounts of Homer, is the location of Odysseus palace.
  • Anogi, the most mountainous village of Ithaca has to offer unique sights, such as the Byzantine church which dates to the 12th century, with stunning murals, the bell tower from the Venetian era and the Menhirs.
  • Frikes and Kioni, both in the north of Ithaca, are two picturesque villages by the sea, popular destinations for sailing boats.
  • Finally, the villages Exogi and Lefki, offer the sight of the most memorable sunset on the island.

How to get here


By boat

Ithaca is accessible by boat on a daily basis, since it is connected with the ports of Patra, Astakos (Aitoloakarnania) and Sami (Kefalonia), while during the summer months there are also sea routes from and to Lefkada.

By plane

The is no airport on the island, but easy access to Ithaca is provided by the nearest airport which is on the nearby island of Kefalonia, in Argostoli and it connects Kefalonia to Athens and other European cities. From the airport, going to the port of Sami by car or taxi, Ithaca is accessible by boat or sea taxi.

Also, there are the airports of Preveza and Araxos, which although on the mainland, offer easy access to Ithaca. From Preveza, to Lefkada or Astakos, by car and then to Ithaca by boat. Or from Araxos, to the port of Patra and then to Ithaca by boat.